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Automate your UI Testing

Use natural language to create, automate, and execute flawless UI tests across all of your platforms & environments.

It’s not about AI, it’s about building better testing–faster.

Automation across all applications

Most UI testing falls apart across desktops, canvases, and iframes. Our AI object identification tool works outside of code selectors so you can automate anywhere, anytime.

See it. Say It. We solve it.

We built a human-first interface leveraging the power of modern AI, so anyone (engineer or not) can design and implement UI tests.

Test your interfaces, not nerves.

We consolidate your tests in one place while staying flexible across your platforms to help QA teams operate more efficiently.

Automation x UI testing

Don’t spend eng time on fragile tests. Modernize with AI that understands your intention and automation that speeds your implementation.

Built by and for developers conducting UI testing

As a team of developers, we're thrilled to harness the power of multimodal generative AI and other deep learning models to pioneer advancements in self-operating computer frameworks.

Unbounded by locator and grounding problems, your teams can experience and work with a computer that "sees" to construct automated UI testing and expansive, stable automations.

Your tests are compliance and approval ready

Compliance and governance is a top priority here at AskUI. We offer  SLAs, SSO, On-Prem Hosting and are ISO27001, and GDPR compliant and ensure your data remains this way even through testing protocols

Faster & more
robust testing

Deploy daily instead of monthly with faster testing
Triple your test coverage
Catch bugs earlier with smarter tech