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Automation for Digital Transformation

Our AI understands and interprets your asks and our technology executes flawlessly. Don’t just automate processes, implement AI that can read policies,  act, extract, and update with your enterprise.

The next evolution of enterprise automation will actually transform your business

Do more with smaller engineering budgets

You can write out the automation you want, or point-and-click, which means you’ll use fewer engineering resources as you transform your enterprise.

Workflows that flow across any platform

We work natively across Windows, Linux and MacOS, Citrix, Mainframe, SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Dynamics365, or any other custom enterprise software. Automate more to cut down on tedious work.

Automation that works, means more is automated

When using an automation tool is easy, teams begin to think about all they can automate. Foster innovation with technology that foster innovation, not frustration.

Automations that always feel automatic

Build workflows that scale with your business even as source code and screen resolution changes. Our AI object identification tool empowers you to build more robust and stable automations.

Built with your engineering team in mind

Our technical team is working at the cutting edge of computer vision and generative AI that works outside of the API for prompt-based and visual automation. Document parsing, ETL processes, and data transformation goes from hairy to point-and-click so you can engineer the design of the workflow, not the tedious code that powers it.

Digital transformation solutions that are compliance & approval-ready

Compliance and governance are fundamental to your work–and ours. We place utmost importance on safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of your data. Our strategy encompasses tailored SLAs, SSO, On-Prem Hosting, and strict adherence to ISO27001 and GDPR regulations.