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Banner: How the Hack? askui 2-Week Hackathon. March 3-17, 2023.

'How the Hack?' - Our First 2-Week Hackathon

Are you a tech enthusiast looking to challenge yourself? Are you ready to innovate and hack the future? Join us at 'How the Hack?' askui Hackathon on March 3-17, 2023! Here are the FAQs of general requirements to join our Hackathon. Find out more about the general requirements and evaluation criteria on our website!

Johannes Dienst
February 21, 2023
Man holding his hand palms up with Gitpod and askui Logos floating above them.

Try askui in Your Browser With Gitpod

askui controls your operating system (OS) through mouse movement, mouseclicks, keypresses and screencapture.Thus it can be a pain to install it on your local machine. Not everything might work out of the box or there are simply permissions missing (looking at you macOS 🫣).But we have a solution we will show you in this blog post!Our GitHub repository has a ready-to-go Gitpod configuration inside where you can try out askui for free in your browser without any installation issues.All you need is a GitHub account and a Gitpod account 🦄

Johannes Dienst
February 21, 2023

How to Use Custom Elements in askui

Custom Element Selection is a feature in askui that enables you to create custom selectors for elements on the screen, instead of relying on the standard selectors provided such as Button, Textfield, etc. .Here we will demonstrate how to use a custom element to explore Google Street View.

March 6, 2023
Hand holding an Android phone in front of laptop.

Automate Github 2-Factor Authentication with Android Device

Today, we're building a two-factor authentication GitHub workflow automation with a browser we have on our Personal Computer (PC) and a physical Android device.

Johannes Dienst
January 17, 2023
A hand holding a piece of report next to a laptop

Using Reporter in Jest Framework

When using jest as the framework for your test, it's often desired to have a report that summarises the run result neatly. Although jest comes with a default test reporter, which prints out the report in the console directly, one could wish to have a discrete report, e.g as an XML or HTML, that can be stored and shared among team members.This article covers the usage of a test reporter within jest framework. Particularly, we will set up the jest-junit and jest-html-reporter.

Johannes Dienst
March 22, 2023
Strings of different colored lying around on the floor entangled.

Automate Multiple Devices

This tutorial shows how to automate multiple devices on the same network by using askui library.

Johannes Dienst
January 27, 2023
Banner for workshop.

Join askui Tool Workshop on December 14 - 15, 2022

This is a series of 2 Days Workshop with askui lib.‍ Come to both of the two Workshop sessions at the first-ever hands-on workshop with askui!‍‍

Johannes Dienst
January 3, 2023
 Metal movable type

Understanding Text Filters in askui

This tutorial demonstrates different methods to handle text elements with askui. askui offers four different methods

Johannes Dienst
January 3, 2023
a set of wooden puzzle

askui Automation Example with Flutter

This tutorial shows how to use askui to automate an android app built with Flutter.

Johannes Dienst
March 14, 2023