Most Automation Doesn’t Work.

But you already know that. Maybe you’ve got individuals on your team searching for API keys, connecting apps, and then… oops, an automation fails silently. Or maybe you’re leading an organization through its digital transformation. You know agility is important, but the process of getting workflows automated, correct, and cleared means cumbersome paperwork and internal slowdowns. Still, using macros? We’re for you.
Most automation doesn’t work, even the kind that brands itself as the next best in AI solutions. Why? Because, as far as we’ve seen, these tools are focused on integrations, workflows, and AI as a talking point, but not as a doing point. It’s time to think outside the integration.

Here at AskUI it’s not about AI or automation. It’s about your organization.

It’s about empowering you as a catalyst. Sure, we’re pushing the boundaries of deep learning with multimodal generative AI and other deep learning models. And yes, our automations are more robust, stable, and efficient because of it.
But that’s not really your problem. We’ve got the tech covered. All you need to do is come to us with a plan, and ask. With intent-based automation, you don’t have to limit yourself to programmatic thinking, integrations, pipelines, or rigid UIs. We can automate your workflows across operating systems, visual components, and teams, all you have to do is ask.

If it can be said, it can be solved.

We are on a mission to liberate companies from repetitive work by simulating human input with artificial intelligence. With AskUI you can visually automate apps without any knowledge of the logical structure behind it.

Ready for the future of automation?

Our mission is to empower humans across the world to articulate, automate, and innovate effortlessly. Allowing everyone to increase their own productivity.

By accomplishing this we want to become the #1 automation platform by dissolving the barriers of code and complexity with the power of language.

We are remote-first and pride ourselves for our welcoming company culture – join us on our mission!

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We already reached a big milestone in 2023, when Wirtschaftswoche picked us as one of the top 20 AI startups in Germany. Now we just have to continously prove we are – that's why we are looking for authentic, high-driven individuals, who want to become part of something bigger.

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