Humanizing Test Automation

Selector-based test automation is not suitable for modern software development. That is why we have analyzed thousands of user interfaces to simulate a human tester.

askui James enables UI automation for any current and future technology – with test descriptions in plain english.

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Automate anything

askui James enables the automation of all possible UI commands by simulating real interactions. Drag & drop, swipe commands and even color verifications are no longer a problem.

Simulate human actions

Our automation does not access underlying code selectors or the DOM. It performs real mouse movements and element clicks – just like a human would.

No more selectors

Using modern Deep Learning technologies, we identify UI elements based solely on visual features. Screenshots are enough for us as input. 

Runs on all technologies

By automating solely on visual properties, we enable automation on all UI technologies – whether .NET, Web, Native Mobile, … anything works.

Analysis with Deep Learning

Our AI James is trained on thousand of user interfaces and detects and addresses UI elements solely based on visual features 


just like a human.

Automate Anything on Anything

By automating tests on operating system level, we enable the parallel execution of test cases on any GUI technology available.

No-Code Descriptions


  • Automate based on human readable descriptions
  • Supports complicated use cases such as Drag & Drop
  • Use relational descriptions

Integrates Seamlessly in your Workflow

We offer integrations in your favorite tools.

Create Simple and Powerful Reports

View all your test reports centralized in one dashboard. You can also export each test execution report on its own in CSV format.

Our Partners

The AskYourUI project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

Humanize Your Test Automation

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