Automation for Web Application Testing

In today’s era, we are dependent on numerous web applications. With the variety of web automation solutions available in the market, a detailed roadmap leading to planning and implementation of the necessary tool in order to get a good ROI would be beneficial along with deciding what kind of tasks can be automated. This blog will give you an overview of of all things automation of web application testing.

How to choose test automation tools for your needs

Selecting a correct test automation tool for your requirement is equally important, since it can largely depend on whether the release goes smooth and seamless or not. This blog will help you in selecting the best automation tool as per your requirements making your team’s job easier.

Challenges of Test Automation-Before vs Now

With automation drastically changing the world, and test automation being its essential subset, it is important to work towards curbing the challenges faced by it and finding solutions that would facilitate in doing so from the very beginning. This blog will walk you through some of the most common challenges faced by the testers and how to mitigate them.

Desktop App Automation Made Easy with askui

Test automation being a wide phenomenon, has multiple tools and frameworks and the choice always comes down having a more reliable, robust and sustainable option. This blog highlights how is askui making it easy to automate a desktop application.

How can you switch from selenium to askui

Many organizations rely on selenium to automate their applications, obviously because it is an open source tool and works with a variety of coding languages. But there are a lot of frameworks available which can be easily switched to depending on your requirement. This blog will walk you through the steps as to how can you switch from selenium to askui.

askui vs. Selenium

As a developer or tester, one tool that is quite popular and widely used is Selenium. This blog showcases a comparison of askui vs Selenium as a UI automation solution with the help of use cases for selector and non-selector approaches.

End-to-End testing with askui

To ensure the software flow is as expected and presumed, End-to-End Testing is important. This blog will further highlight its advantages and metrics and will also show how you can customize your test strategy with askui James.

Great Strategies of UI Test Automation

An effective test automation approach is required to fully reap the benefits of automated testing and achieve the desired level of success. This blog talks about most effective strategies of UI test automation.