'How the Hack?' askui Hackathon Winners Highlights

Johannes Dienst
April 13, 2023
Powered by askui. How The Hack? March 3 - 17, 2023
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It was an intensive and fun time to host our How the Hack? hackathon at askui with the theme Beyond the Browser.

In this blog post we will share our thoughts about the first three winners and highlight their awesome projects.

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Let us dive right in with the first place 🥳

1st Winners: Gaurav Khurana, Anindita Rath, Mahathee Dandibhotla

The first place not only implemented one but three use cases. Hence they had to speed up their video presentation to stay in the five minute limit. Make sure to slow it down when you watch it.

They focused on mundane tasks that steal a lot of time in your daily live.

  • WhatsApp group chat/media cleaner
  • Get content from people you follow on social media by scraping it and send it via email
  • Recycle Bin cleaner

While all three sound easy to do they fit perfectly well into out theme Beyond the Browser and improve your quality of life effectively.

You can out the code from this Google Drive.

Judges Quotes

The feedback from our judges was positive all the way:

Very well explained problem statements. Problems that affect our everyday life was used the idea. askUI was efficiently used.
Great at Presentation, Storytelling, Creating a compelling use case. Good one.
Minions celebrating.

Video Presentation

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2nd Winner: Sheilendra Omkar

The goal of our runner-up was to ease the use of Web3 wallets as that requires connecting it to a user account. This is usually tedious and has to be done for each product separately.

What impressed us the most besides the presentation and project idea was the amount of detail and care displayed in the accompanying Github-Repository.

Judges Quotes

The judges were very happy because the submission focused on the hackathon theme and also delivered a cross-platform use case:

Good use of the tool and sticking to this year's theme.
This project is automating a desktop app, which is beyond the browser and using askui library efficiently. Hence a good idea. Well structured code.

Video Presentation

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3rd Winner: Phil Wong

Our second runner-up made an impression with a well-delivered presentation of his submission. And also the use case was very innovative as you can see in the judges comments below.

Phil automated the login to the askui User Portal. What does that have to do with our theme? He did it all with keypress-input only and captured the accessibility of the whole flow with the NVDA-Screenreader.

Check out the GitHub-Repository.

Judges Quotes

Our judges had some warm comments for this one, too:

Accessibility Testing & askui pairing is a great idea for me. Would love to see if you evolve this more in the future.
Very novel idea and fitting for this year's theme of 'Beyond the browser'. NVDA or any screen reader testing is a little hard and boring sometimes but this initiative lends a helping hand towards it.

Video Presentation

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It was awesome to see how the participants used our tool to create innovative automations for their use cases.

Also the attention to detail when it comes to documentation and presentation astonished us.

We also learned a lot about the pain points in our product and are deeply grateful for all the feedback we got!

Late night Seth saying thank you through a megaphone.

Thanks for making the hackathon worth the effort 🥰

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