Choose Your Best Plan



Community Only

0.00 /Month
  • Limited test runs per month
  • One account per org
  • 1 domain name
  • Basic askui reporting
  • Yearly benefit



340 /Month
  • Custom test runs
  • Run multiple tests in paralel
  • 3 domain names
  • Advanced askui reporting
  • Basic customization



  • Custom test runs
  • Run multiple tests in parallel
  • Multiple domain names
  • Advanced askui reporting
  • Advanced customization


Yes, the closed beta is completely free and will start on September, 15th 2021. All you need to do is to fill out the registration form below. We will also grant you a discount for askui James in the future for your participation.

Yes, askui James supports parallel test execution for different test environments.

Currently, we support all versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE for parallel execution on all pricing options.

Due to the nature of our technology, we can run tests on almost every device with a graphical user interface on the plant. Wonder if we support your tech stack? Yes we do.

In our option Business, tests can (in addition to web) also be scheduled on native Android and native iOS. No further installations required.

Test executions are saved in video and csv format. We also offer an integration in Slack and Jira for reporting as well as email support.