One framework for testing web and native applications.

Bring vision to your code and test your web and native applications with one framework – by automating operating systems instead of applications.

					beforeEach() => {
    aui = askui.startRunner('Chrome','Firefox','iOS','Android');




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Do not rely on tech-specific frameworks anymore

Selector-based test automation is not suitable for modern software development. That is why we have analysed thousands of user interfaces to simulate a human tester. Our AI James can find any UI element visible on your operating system. This enables the automation of cross-application workflows in a completely new way.

Automate anything

askui James enables the automation of all possible UI commands by simulating real interactions. Drag & drop, swipe commands and even color verifications are no longer a problem.

Simulate human actions

Our automation does not access underlying code selectors or the DOM. It performs real mouse movements and element clicks – just like a human would.

No more selectors

Using modern Deep Learning technologies, we identify UI elements based solely on visual features. Screenshots are enough for us as input. 

Runs on all technologies

By automating solely on visual properties, we enable automation on all UI technologies – whether Desktop, Web, Native Mobile, … anything works.

Canvas and maps automation

Due to not using code-selectors for automation, we can automate any canvas or maps implementation within your application.

Chatbot automation

Automate chatbots or other services integrated within your service.

Third-party app automation

By automating operating systems instead of application interfaces, we are enabling automation of any third-party service.

Gallery testing

Our advanced computer vision algorithms will check for the correct display of elements in your web shop or gallery.

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