Mobile Automation Simplified.

Decouple your automation layer from the underlying technology and consolidate your stack by leveraging the AI James.

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Supports iOS and Android

Run your automations on the operating system of your choice - or even across multiple operating systems.

Independent of resolutions and object repositories

Our technology will find the same UI elements on all screen sizes and resolutions. There is no pixel-matching involved.

Run on real and virtual devices

Install our runners on real devices and connect them using your access token or start virtual devices and automate directly on them using the operating system of your choice.

Manage users and workspaces for all your projects

Our user portal lets you create an infinite amount of different workspaces. All of them have their own user management and billing.

Integrates seamlessly into your development environment

Use your existing tools and directly integrate askui James into your current tool landscape and pipelines.

Why Askui

How AskUI Studio helps

Our advanced computer vision algorithms will check for the correct display and functionality of elements in your application.


Automate Anything

askui James enables the automation of all possible UI commands by simulating real interactions. Drag & drop, swipe commands and even color verifications are no longer a problem.

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No More Selectors

Using modern Deep Learning technologies, we identify UI elements based solely on visual features. Relational descriptions are enough for us as input.


Simulate Human Actions

Our automation does not access underlying code selectors or the DOM. It performs real mouse movements and element clicks – just like a human would.


Runs On All Technologies

By automating solely on visual properties, we enable automation on all UI technologies – whether Desktop, Web, Native Mobile, … anything works.