Solving Pop-up dialog issue with askui James

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This blog will help you solve the unexpected pop-up dialog issue when when automating.

Solving Pop-up dialog issue with askui James

While doing automation testing, people often suffer from pop-up alert problems requiring different management than usual test subjects. Here’s a tutorial to help you solve the pop-up dialog issue. But first, you should know what a pop-up is!

Popup is a pictorial description that comes up (pops-up) on your current interface in the form of a small window.

What problems do you face when dealing with popups?

What’s troublesome about pop-ups is they can appear at any time unpredictably. You don’t have any specific way to avoid this other than that you should understand the application behavior and add relevant scripts to manage the problem. Another problem with them is they don’t come from AUT; hence, you should deal with them with appropriate keywords.

Here are some common pop-ups that create a problem for you during your test automation:

  • Windows-based pop-ups
  • Web-based pop-ups

Managing windows-based pops is impossible with WebDriver’s abilities; hence, third-party services are used to handle these pop-ups. Handling pop-ups is challenging to automate when testing web apps. And the variation in the pop-up types enhances the complexity more.

  • A browser window pop-up
  • Native window dialog
  • Customized modal dialog pop-up
  • Alert pop-up

How does askui help with it?

askui signifies a coded UI automation structure called James, based on acknowledging elements depending on UI specifications or visual look. James has the ability to look for UI elements on an OS by implementing neural network methodology. 

askui James offers an easy remedy to manage pop-ups and here is how –


it(‘test user auth0’, async () => {

    // open local browser


    // open auth0 page

    //await aui.type(‘‘).exec();

    //await aui.pressKey(‘enter’).exec();

    // login


    // navigate to users

    await‘User Management’).exec();


    // create new test user

    await‘Create User’).exec();

    await aui.typeIn(‘‘).textfield().contains().text().withText(““).exec();

    await aui.typeIn(‘Test1234’).textfield().contains().text().withText(“* 44 % % % % 4 % % % %% %”).exec();

    await aui.typeIn(‘Test1234’).textfield().contains().text().withText(“*#% %% 9 9 * * %* %% %”).exec();


    await aui.pressKey(‘escape’).exec();


    // go back to user overview to show new created user, select and delete test user

   // await‘Users’).exec();

   // await‘‘).exec();



    await‘Yes, Delete it’).exec();


  xit(‘Should annotate‘, async () => {

    await aui.annotate();





In the above code, the popups are basically handled using –


await aui.pressKey(‘escape’).exec();



In this particular scenario, the code always fails for the first time at the point where it has to go to “user management” stating that it was not found, even though there is no error in the code. 

There is always a difference in the annotation of text fields in the “Create user” section. One must check the annotation at different points for eg: after entering email, after entering “Password”. 



AI James can understand the interface like a human. The identification of the elements is based on the visual specifications through modern deep learning methods.  

askui is enabled with intelligent machine learning technologies and neural networks to help users understand every problem and the steps. It lets you control your operating system to perform real clicks and strokes rather than interacting through an interface.

It allows you to use screenshots of the screen and assess every element dynamically. With James, you can drive automation, customize your test automation strategy, and deal with small problems like pop-ups. It helps you get quality results and avoid being interrupted during testing.

So, choose this efficient tool and eliminate your pop-up problem in no time.

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