How can you switch from selenium to askui

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Many organizations rely on selenium to automate their applications, obviously because it is an open source tool and works with a variety of coding languages. But there are a lot of frameworks available which can be easily switched to depending on your requirement. This blog will walk you through the steps as to how can you switch from selenium to askui.

How can you switch from selenium to askui

Having worked as a test engineer, you must have worked with different tools throughout your project lifecycle, may it be test management tools, test execution tools or test automation!

Most organizations rely on selenium to automate their applications, the very obvious reasons are: it is an open source tool and works with a variety of coding languages and platforms.


Selenium is a selector based tool. If you are planning to switch from selector based to non-selector, you should keep the following things in mind –


  1. Why switch –  There may be a couple of reasons why you want to switch to another coded framework, while one is already in place. If you think that, it will work according to your organization’s protocols, plan it accordingly.
  2. Budget – If you are already using free tools like selenium, then you should first check whether you are looking for an open source tool or your project does have a budget where you can invest in some good automation framework.
  3. Make a list – If you confirm to switch, consider making a list of automation tools that you think will work the best for your application.
  4. Understand your project requirements – Understanding your project requirements while choosing an automation tool is crucial. Enlist the things that you want to automate and the use cases you are not looking to automate.


How does askui help?


askui represents an automation expert tool called James which is a concept developed using neural nets trained on the appearance of UI elements. It provides the benefits of a coded framework and its easy-to-read fluent API with relational descriptions makes it easy to use without having the knowledge of scripting.

If you are looking for a coded framework which will be efficient, easy to use for your testing teams that provides all the benefits that the other selector based tools would provide, here is how you can think of switching between the tools.

Since the way selenium and askui are implemented are stark opposites of each other, importing from your existing framework to the new one won’t be possible. You can use both and using askui together with selenium is one way to automate very special cases.


What’s for you inside the package?


We know that switching from one framework to another might not be an easy task on a company level. Here are some benefits of what you can achieve –


Easy Fix for UI elements

Now finding UI elements during the execution is way simpler than without selectors. AI James is capable of analyzing the screenshots dynamically. Even if elements change position or selector, AI James can find UI elements.


Find & Fix Visual Bugs

With askui, it is easy to detect visual bugs and check for overlays. We use a visual representation of each element.


One Stop Solution

askui gives you the one framework for testing both web and native applications. askui’s James is a non-selector-based test automation tool that is perfect for modern software development.


Define actions : askui provides the fluent API to receive actions and define them. We are a selector-free solution that means endless possible actions. 


Intelligent localization : You can automate end-to-end testing of GUI technology. AI James is enabled with intelligent localization algorithms, which are enabled with deep learning technologies. You can take the screenshots of UI elements.


Final steps to using askui James – 


Here is a step by step guide as to how you can switch completely to askui –


    1. Technology : Decide on the technology and you can keep the technology which you have previously implemented your test suites in. askui works with all.
    2. Type of  application : This is basically considering what tests you want to automate, it may be for a web application, mobile application or desktop application. You can use a single interface to automate anything in these categories.
    3. Install the necessary software : Before you go ahead and install James, you may need to take a look at what is necessary to be installed on your system. Don’t worry, we just require the basic ones, which are easily available.
    4. Open Source libraries : Even though we haven’t provided any import/export options since frameworks are completely different, our easy to use tool will make it easy to start. The next step is to follow the process and use our open source libraries. Your test suite would be created.
    5. Start your first test : You are all set. You can start automating anything you can see on screen, so can start automating your application without worrying about any failures.


Switching frameworks won’t be as tedious as before in the world of test automation using machine learning based tools. 

askui has opened a vast spectrum of possibilities in the world of test automation. Get cross-application automation with AI James and find any visible element on any operating system. Now simulate human actions and enable automation on any UI technologies. 


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