The first game test automation framework that learns your game.

A framework for game automation. Train our AI on your design elements and get started right away. 

Automate any game

Install a test runner on your used operating system and start writing you test cases in natural language.

Find objects with AI - trained on your game

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Automate anything

askui James enables the automation of all possible UI commands by simulating real interactions. Drag & drop, swipe commands and even color verifications are no longer a problem.

Simulate human actions

Our automation does not access underlying code selectors. It performs real mouse movements and element clicks – just like a human would.

No more selectors

Using modern Deep Learning technologies, we identify UI elements based solely on visual features. Screenshots are enough for us as input. 

Runs on all technologies

By automating solely on visual properties, we enable automation on all technologies – whether Web, Native Mobile, … anything works.

Train a model out of the box with your game design assets

Upload your game design assets and train an AI model on your defined classes.

					beforeEach() => {
    aui = askui.startRunner('Chrome');



Automate with human-like test instructions

Start any game in your development pipeline by using the integrated client. It operates on OS level and therefore automates on all operating systems – 

whether Web, Mobile or Desktop.

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