How askui Works

askui’s technology does not use classic test automation frameworks but thinks in a fundamentally new way. Instead of automating via application interfaces, we control an operating system during test execution, which enables cross-application automation. In addition, we localize elements only via their visual representation, so that we can offer a true black-box test.

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How We Find Elements

askui James enables UI automation for any current and future technology – with test descriptions in plain text. This is made possible by using our AI James, which performs element addressing completely independent of underlying selectors. At runtime, screenshots of the screen are analyzed at each test step to dynamically track elements. We do not look into the DOM at any time (really). Automate anything visible on your screen.

Do you want to automate Slack, Spotify and Wikipedia (for whatever reason) in one go? We got you covered!

How We Understand Your Instructions

The intelligent test editor enables the creation of test cases for non-experts in just a few steps. It guides the user through the test steps by suggesting actions to be performed. In addition, relations between different UI elements can be defined. This way, errors can be detected that remain hidden by classic selector-based approaches.

By controlling the operating system, we are able to perform real clicks and key strokes rather than interacting via an interface. You can find an overview about all possible actions in our documentation.

Feature Overview

Platform-independent Automation

Automate your end-to-end testing of any GUI technology imaginable with askui James. Our intelligent localization algorithms are based on state-of-the-art Deep Learning technologies and allow addressing UI elements based on screenshots.

Find UI Elements Without Selectors

Find UI elements during the execution without selectors. By dynamically analyizing screenshots with our AI James, we can refind you elements everytime – whether they change position or selector.

Find Visual Bugs

By solely automating using the visual representation of the element, visual bugs are implicitly detected. Overlays are covering your UI elements? We will find it.

Human-like Test Instructions

Use no-code instructions in plain English for automation. This allows for easy and maintainable tests – without any knowledge of the underlying code.