How askui works

Functional Test Automation

Due to faster development cycles and increasing complexity in software development, the requirements for software testing have changed in recent years. Although manual testing no longer meets these requirements, over 80% of all companies still test their user interfaces manually.
Existing test automation solutions reach their limits, especially with complex systems and frequent releases. We solve this problem by abstracting automation from the system and simulating a manual tester.


Askui uses artificial intelligence (our butler James) to understand test cases written in plain english and addresses UI elements based on visual features rather than on coded identifiers or selectors – just like a manual tester would do. 

Your Benefits

We keep the benefits of a manual tester while offering a fast automation.

Easy integration

By not using any code selectors, we can offer a seamless integration into your development workflow.

Easy setup

Use your existing manual test cases for the automation. Simply import them via Drag&Drop.


We automate based on natural language descriptions in plain english. No more scripting or coding.

Regression tests

No more failing tests with new releases. James works like a human and detects changes on the go.

But see for yourself:

Humanize Your Test Automation

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