How Pickert and Partner leverages askui to test without test engineers

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Modern automation solutions promise to drastically reduce these costs through intelligent localization algorithms. This case study shows how the software askui James was used at Pickert & Partner GmbH to enable complete end-to-end automation without tying up developer resources.


Pickert & Partner develops certified solutions for quality management in close cooperation with its customers. In doing so, the idea of quality is the top priority. For the development of a web application, a simple solution for the complete automation of UI tests was sought. For the project, the following requirements were placed on the test automation:

Test reporting as video

For better comprehensibility of the test executions, the medium video was chosen due to its easy handling for non-developers.

Simple creation of maintainable tests

The core requirement for test automation is the handling of the tool in and maintainable way. This makes it possible for testers without much programming knowledge to use and maintain it.

Drag & drop and color verification

Verification of drag and drop and color changes in the UI are difficult to implement via classic selector-based approaches, so an image-based approach was preferred.

Execution of tests in the cloud

Due to the maintenance effort and the costs, a local infrastructure was abandoned and a solution in the cloud was preferred.

Classic selector-based approaches were ruled out as a solution. Pickert & Partner therefore decided to select image-based automation software.


To meet the requirements, the askui James software was ultimately chosen.

The UI test coverage of the most important workflows at Pickert & Partner comprises 93 test cases with an average of ten steps per test case.

The combination of intelligent localization algorithms with an easy readable fluent API was particularly promising - the automation is independent of code selectors and simulates a human tester. The system also does not use pixel matching, but a learning algorithm that identifies and addresses UI elements via visual properties.

Pickert and Partner saved up to 90% of their costs by using askui James

Due to the technology, askui James supports color verification and drag & drop commands. The test executions additionally run in the cloud and are stored as video. Thus, askui James meets all automation requirements.

We were looking for a simple solution to automate our UI tests without tying up developers. With askui James, we were able to automate even drag-and-drop functionality with one command.
Nikolai Back, Software Developer at Pickert & Partner

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