Top 9 Challenges of Every QA

Quality Assurance has a unique role from the beginning to the end of the application development process and the department faces numerous challenges as part of their daily tasks due to the responsibilities of their jobs. This article will further talk about the day-to-day challenges that the testing team faces and what can be done to resolve them.

Machine Learning in 2022

Having a reliable QA strategy is important for the smooth functioning of the software. While there are software testing methods that utilize the latest technological advancements to pinpoint bugs, save time, and run various test scenarios, adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to the QA process takes it to a next level enabling businesses to enhance their testing process.

The Top 10 Automation Tools for Mobile Applications

Choosing a best-suited automation tool for mobile apps testing becomes reasonably important for improving application speed and getting a better response. This blog highlights the most efficient mobile app testing tools used to carry out various application testing processes efficiently and effectively.

Best Practices in Test Data Management in Automation

As test data plays such a vital role in ensuring the quality of any product, it is logical to conclude that its management and streamlining also play an equally important role in the Quality Assurance of those products.

Top 10 Automation tools for Desktop Applications

Choosing a best-suited automation tool for the Desktop apps becomes reasonably important when the developers work over sophisticated legacy systems in complex enterprise environments. This blog discusses the finest Automation tools that automate the desktop app’s functional testing.

Top 10 Automation tools for Web Testing

Effective testing is only possible when the most appropriate and readily available tool is identified. This blog will walk you through some of the most popular automation solutions available in the market for Web Testing.

Browser Versions and its compatibility for your website

A website’s appearance and behavior may vary between browsers. You could be startled by the differences if you’ve only ever seen your site by switching to multiple browsers. It’s possible that your layout won’t appear precisely right, and certain functions may even stop working. This issue can be avoided by testing your website in various browsers, particularly the most popular ones.

Why should you incorporate Geolocation Browser Testing for your Web Application

The number of web applications available on the internet has exploded in the last decade. As a result, the demand for Geolocation testing has grown. If you manage a website or web application and are unsure whether or not to include Geolocation testing in your application, this blog will walk you through why you should perform Geolocation Testing.

Automation Testing Role in Agile

Any web development team’s core tools have always been agile and automation testing. Web testers and developers have communicated better and delivered faster due to including both into the SDLC. It’s only logical to suppose that these approaches have become lifelines for web developers, allowing them to keep up with ever-changing consumer needs.

Crowdtesting as a Trend in 2022

Of course, companies were already using crowd testing before the COVID-19, but the need to develop goods quickly meant that more and more companies turned to it and benefit from it.